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Talking, Teaching, and Listening

What would a typical session look like? Every session is different. And none will promise a quick fix. But there are recurring elements. Some of them may be different from what most of us have come to expect from a coaching session. All of them will be held in English or in Dutch. 

Look who's talking!

As with any regular coaching session, we'll do a substantial amount of talking. But unlike the typical coaching or even therapeutic session, our talking won't always be the "regular" talking.

Your body will do some of the talking as well. That could be while it is experiencing new sensations during balancing exercises; could be in the form of venting emotions; could still be something else.
We want to hear your body talk.


Look who's listening!

I'll be listening. To you.

You will be listening. Also to you. To your body. Because if you teach your body how to balance, it will return the favor and make your mind feel more balanced, it will create more space in your mind,...

When that happens we both want to make sure we are listening. The trick for us is to figure out what to teach your body--and how to listen to it.




Look who's teaching!

Coaching at OneMission.Me is not about me being the expert who is telling you, poor client, what to do. I'll help us create a context in which we both can learn. It's you who will be doing the real teaching. To us. To you. To your body. And thus to your mind. If you can teach your body appropriately, it will give your mind back what it needs.

This may not be the most common approach but it is the future of coaching, or personal development in general. The idea is firmly rooted in scientific findings, old and brand new (Bem 1972; Cuddy 2015), and is a core characteristic of generative coaching