Balancing Belly & Brain

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Balancing Belly & Brain;
Left- and Right Brain hemisphere;
Body and Mind. 

Left-Right or Top-Bottom?

Left-Right or Top-Bottom?

In one of the most popular and inspiring TED talks ever, Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroanatomist, eloquently illustrates how our two brain hemispheres are very different: left vs right hemisphere. And how it is our right hemisphere that helps us to experience “heaven on earth”. She knows because she suffered a brain stroke which literally turned off her left hemisphere.

What happened? 

She got to live the stroke “from the inside out”. Brain chatter disappeared. She experienced bliss and euphoria instead. She felt elated: like a genie liberated from her bottle. Enormous and expansive. Connected to all energy around her. She found Peace. She found Nirvana.  Because our right hemisphere would only let us live in the present moment. In the NOW — which we all know from the work of Eckhard Tolle has this incredible power that most of us are still missing. In a way her brain stroke “forced” her into a state we are all striving for.

Why am I bringing this up on this site about “brain vs belly”?  There is the question what we mortals — who did not suffer a brain stroke — can do to get to that place of bliss. How should we turn “on” our right hemisphere, or how should we turn “off” the left hemisphere?

We may want to look at the *top vs bottom* dimension rather than the *left vs right* dimension: our belly rather than our brain. Research and wisdom from totally different angles talks about the importance of our *belly*, our hara, our psoas.


One take-away from those insights is that we experience bliss and nirvana like energies the more we can control / or work with our belly/psoas. The more we can gently relax that area, and let go of control (tension), the more we live in the now, and the less brain chatter we experience. 

So, there’s very tangible and physical things we can do to go to that place — without suffering a brain stroke — and those things pertain to our belly rather than our brain.

What those exercises / movements are, I elaborate on elsewhere.

Does our FISH-brain cause burn-out?

Balanceren op Stevige Board, niet Dansen op Slappe Koord

Balanceren op Stevige Board, niet Dansen op Slappe Koord