You are doing fine but are looking for some extra spice--or space.
A special experience. Here and now. That's it.

You like trying different things. But you're not looking for competition, neither for rules. Unless it's your own rules. This is about ME-time. About betting into the zone. Connecting. Moving. Having fun. 

You may be good at balancing (physically). 
Even better, you are not good at balancing.

Regardless, you are looking for a different physical sensation. Different, as in:
[Think these images are only *fun*? Check the science and think again..]

  • Standing on a WII balance board but actually moving,
  • Experiencing weightlessness without paying for a trip to space,
  • Walking on water without getting wet,
  • Snowboarding without snow,
  • Wave boarding without waves, 
  • Hover boarding without losing your grounding,
  • Flying without jumping out of an airplane,...

Saturn One is your low threshold gateway to these previously elusive sensations. [And there's even lower threshold tools if Saturn One looks intimidating at first]. 

VenusMars One has the slower learning curve but offers its own thrills and challenges if you have more time and more patience. 

We offer sessions of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.