You made it to the moon--and back. You have accomplished virtually everything you wanted to accomplish. Your life looks perfectly fine. To others. And to you. 


Because something seems to be nagging. Something is missing? Is your next mission waiting around the corner? First job? Career-switch? A growth spurt? Perhaps you want to tap into new sources of creativity and innovation? Or you want to give your life a new spiritual dimension...

It's as if your old space suit needs a replacement, and you're figuring out what the new one will look like--or what going without a space suit would feel like.

Together we zoom in on what that means for you. Like with a space ship, we will load up on the all-necessary fuel. We'll leave out the ballast. But we'll also look at what may look like ballast at first but could be transformed into highly valuable fuel for you. Sessions typically take 90 minutes and are face-to-face.