One Mission

Endless Destinations.

Three Launch Paths.

 Depending on where you are and where you want to go,
Your Mission may be different. 


Planets sometimes collide. So do we. With the people around us. With ourselves. Impact can be strong. Stress. Chaos. Lack of air. Burn-out. Bore-out. Dealing with daily hassles is getting increasingly more challenging. Need for fresh energy is high.  


You are doing fine but are looking for some extra spice--or space. A special experience. Here and now. You like trying different things. But you're not looking for competition, neither for rules. Unless it's your own rules. This is about ME-time. Connecting. Moving. Getting into Flow. 


You made it to the moon--and back. You have accomplished virtually everything you wanted to accomplish. Your life looks perfectly fine. To others. And to you. Sometimes.